Northwest Ohio Masonry & Stone

In the spring of 2014, Mr. David Boothe, owner and president of Allstates Refractory Contractors, LLC and a graduate ceramic engineer, was introduced to a new and interesting technology called StoneCoat™. This technology was the application of crushed limestone to exterior and interior surfaces for décor enhancement with a permanent, high-strength and low-maintenance surface. The process has been utilized in Europe for decades and recently came to the United States.

The base materials come from just two quarries in Europe and cannot be duplicated in the United States. Mr. Boothe spent several months studying the material, the application process, the longevity of the resulting stone surface, and the old-world artisan appeal. Since a similar type of application process has been utilized in the industrial side of Mr. Boothe’s other business, a group of capable installers was already in place with an average experience level of 20 years.

In the fall of 2014, he decided to procure an exclusive dealership to the Midwest and in particular southern Michigan and Ohio, which was completed in December. Mr. Rick Smith, now Director of Operations, was dispatched to Texas to be trained and certified in the application and artistry of StoneCoat™. Upon his return, he set about to train several other installers and artists in the process. This process is not a DIYers type of project! The equipment, knowledge, experience and artistry required is well beyond the average homeowner’s expertise.

In February of 2015, Northwest Ohio Masonry and Stone, LLC was officially created. The NWOMS team has been in the masonry (red brick and cement block) and stone (quarried and cut) for a combined total of over 100 years. Now with the added ability to affect a real stone surface in less time and much more cost effectively, the group offers home and business owners the ability to have a real stone look without the high cost and time-consuming effort. However, for those who still need the services of a qualified masonry installer, NWOMS is there to assist as well.

Northwest Ohio Masonry and Stone, LLC is committed to bringing each and every customer’s design ideas and project goals to reality! Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, home builder or remodeler, fireplace supplier, or architect, NWOMS can supply a real stone look to your project!

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